april 1 - April 1 Government key terms bureaucracy...

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April 1 Government key terms: bureaucracy, bureaupathology, NATO, the “fireman first” principle, Parkinson's Law, National Intelligence Director, FEMA, sea otters, Sibel Edmonds, the Peter Principle, INS, Pendleton Act (1883) Bureaucracy People can't do anything unless. .. they get organized. How do government organizations differ from other organizations? You can't do anything on a large scale re: government. .. without big organizations. bureaucracy = a government organization created to implement policy. certain characteristics: large; ex: Department of Defense has millions of employees people in bureaucracies tend to have specialized jobs; in the University of Texas bureaucracy: administrators, staff, etc. fixed and official rules; they don't want to just tell people to do things and then let them do whatever they want to do. .. they have to have rules so people don't waste money or trample on other people's rights. tend to keep written records so that the people in charge can make sure the people below them are following the rules lots and lots of forms theoretically, bureaucracies work in a hierarchy of authority; ex: military → general, colonel, captain, lieutenant, corporal, etc. .. have at least partial freedom from outside control in other words. .. the specialized experts that bureaucracies employ don't want politicians looking over their shoulders, telling them what to do. .. argument in favor of insulating from political pressure: we don't want politicians telling brain surgeons what to do. .. there is expertise and the expertise is neutral and should not be messed with by politicians but: should we concentrate on preventative medicine or medicating after someone is
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april 1 - April 1 Government key terms bureaucracy...

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