april 3 - April 3 Government Bureaucracy(cont'd Following...

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April 3 Government Bureaucracy (cont'd) Following their own internal rules becomes most important. .. so they forget about what they're supposed to be doing in the outside world → become more and more inefficient. As far as they're concerned, efficiency consists of following the rules, and not necessarily doing what they were created to do. FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency. supposed to help people who are the victims of national disasters Hurricane Katrina (2005) one of the things it destroyed was the New Orleans Aquarium. .. requested $616,766 to buy new fish for the aquarium. Aquarium personnel realized that a lot of the fish they needed were right out in the Gulf of Mexico. .. so they went out in boats and caught a bunch of these fish. Did this for $99,766. So they then gave more than $500,000 BACK to FEMA because they didn't need all of it. .. FEMA refused to take it. They said: the disaster laws said that the new fish have to be bought, not caught. So it was imperative to let all the fish they'd caught go and then buy those fish for $616,766. Following the internal rules of bureaucracy was what mattered. If it hadn't been for public outcry, they would have insisted on wasting half a million dollars of taxpayers' money. Sea otters! tanker spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil. .. ecological disaster. (Prince William [Sound]?) The birds and sea otters' instinct was to clean themselves, by licking off the oil. .. died. Thousands of people flew up to Alaska to try to save them. .. by cleaning them, etc. Only a few were really saved, though. Head of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage (David McGillivary) sent out a memo to stop
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april 3 - April 3 Government Bureaucracy(cont'd Following...

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