march 27 - March 27 Government The Judiciary (cont'd) Roe...

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March 27 Government The Judiciary (cont'd) Roe v. Wade (1973) in the 1960s, the court had decided that there was a right to sexual privacy implied in the Constitution so in the 1973 decision, the court applied that principle to state abortion laws: said that states could not completely forbid abortion essentially invented a constitutional right that had not existed before historians have estimated that before Roe v. Wade there were about 200,000 illegal abortions; now there are about 900,000 legal abortions in the U.S. abortion is one of the most intense political issues in the U.S. .. and in a sense, the Supreme Court created this political issue Texas v. Johnson (1989) at the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, Gregory Lee Johnson joined together with a group of anti-American protesters. He and his fellow protesters burned an American flag while chanting anti-American sentiments. at that time, Texas had state law forbidding desecration of the flag. Johnson was convicted of violating the law and the case went to the Supreme Court. guilty not because of WHAT he did, but because of the political opinion he was expressing while
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march 27 - March 27 Government The Judiciary (cont'd) Roe...

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