chapter 22

chapter 22 - 4 Your text estimates that by the year 2010 we...

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CJUS131F2F-Chapter Twenty Two Practice Quiz 1.) We currently have over 5 million adult s under some form of correctional supervision in the United States. a.) true b.) false 2.) We incarcerate more people per one hundred thousand of our population than any western country a.) true b.) false 3.) African Americans represent 12% of our nations population, but make up 40% of the incarcerated population a.) true b.) false
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Unformatted text preview: 4.) Your text estimates that by the year 2010 we will incarcerate over a.) 4 million adults b.) over 5 million adults c.) over 10 million adults d.) less than we are now. 5.) Your text suggests that there will be a solution of the prison overcrowding problem, because it is apparent that the war on drugs and other well thought out social policies are going to prevail. a.) true b.) false...
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