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10-10-08.Out (1) - Primary Role of Social Relations...

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1 Anthro 2AC Reading: Johnson 1999 10/10/08 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 3. Processual or New Archaeology (1960-1980) D. 5 New Developments: v) field expands, diversity E. SUMMARY of Processual Archaeology 4. Postprocessual Archaeology (1980-2004) A. Introduction; Ian Hodder, Criticism of Processual Archaeology, Younger Generation of Scholars Not a Unified School; Rather Diverse Approaches B. 5 Major Developments: i. Shift Away from Cultural Evolution; Not Happy w/ Emphasis on Cross-Cultural Generalizations;Re- emergence of Cultural Relativism ii. Problem with Cultural Materialism (techno- environmental models), Too Materialistic; Stress -
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Unformatted text preview: Primary Role of Social Relations, Ideology iii. Agency in Archaeology; Not Robots;Faceless Blobs a) Etic or Outsider’s Perspective, Behavior b) Emic or Insider’s Perspective – Actions (of Past People), Cultural Relativism, Cultural Meanings, Cognitive Model of Culture, Individuals as Active Agents; Structure + Agency – Recursive Relations; Emphasize -- Micro-Scales Of Analysis; Households, Individuals; Practice Oriented Approach (Daily Practices of Past People) c) Symbols in Action, Organization of Space James Deetz (case example) – architecture, ceramics...
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