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1 Anthro 2AC Readings: Johnson 1999 10/13/08 Ashmore chap 9 V. HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 4. Postprocessual Archaeology (1980-2008) B. 5 Major Developments iii. Agency in Archaeology b) Emic or Insider’s Perspective, Emphasize -- Micro-Scales Of Analysis; Households, Individuals; Practice-Oriented Approach (Daily Practices of Past People) c) Symbols in Action, Organization of Space James Deetz (case example) – architecture, ceramics iv. Critical Theory (Mark Leone) Biases of Present; Subjectivity; Arch. Remains are Contemporary Phenomena; Multiple Ways to
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Unformatted text preview: Interpret the Past; Self-Reflexive Socio-Politics of Archaeology v. Gender in Archaeology Feminist Approaches: Bias Correction; Discrimination; How Define Sex and Gender in past; Meg Conkey, Ruth Tringham C. Summary: i) Good Critique of Processual Archaeology: Problems with Techno-Environmental Models, Need to put faces on past people; ii) Major Theoretical Advances; iii) Plurality of Interpretations; iv) Issues to Think About Emic Approach in Deep Past? Hyper-Reflexive?...
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