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1 Anthro 2AC Reading: Ashmore, pp. 66-76 11/3/08 VII. DATA GATHERING – EXCAVATION 1. Reasons for Undertaking Excavation A. Diversity of Archaeological Remains B. Stratigraphy (Seriation, Law of Superposition) C. Site Structure – Contextual Approaches D. Downside to Excavation; destroy context 2. Formation Processes - Archaeological Context; Behavioral Processes (Acquisition, Manufacture, Use, Deposition); Transformational Processes (Natural Forces, Human Intrusion) A. Primary Context (materials in same place as past people deposited them): i. Use-Related Primary Context – Materials in
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Unformatted text preview: Same Place as Activities; Activity Areas ii. Transposed Primary Context – Materials Cleaned Up from Place of Activity; Middens Activity Performance or Discard Behavior? Mike Schiffer – Formation Processes; James Hill – Broken K Pueblo, Pithouse Villages (Kent w/ Gary Feinman) Wealth Differences or Large Houses as Dumps? B. Secondary Context: Transformational (Post- Depositional) Processes; Rodent Burrows, Looting Kinds of Interpretations – Degree of Disturbance 3. Recording Information on Arch. Context A. Matrix – Cultural or Natural; Alluvial + Aeolian...
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