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1 Anthro 2AC Reading: Ashmore, pp. 102-124 11/5/08 VII. DATA GATHERING – EXCAVATION 2. Formation Processes B. Secondary Context: Arch. Materials No Longer in Same Context as Deposited by Past People Transformational (Post-Depositional) Processes; Rodent Burrows, Looting; Kinds of Interpretations – Degree of Disturbance 3. Recording Information on Arch. Context A. Matrix – Determine Context (Primary, Secondary); Alluvial; Aeolian Deposition; Geoarchaeology - Sediment Texture (Particle Size and Shape) B. Provenience (3 Dimensional Location; Datum) C. Association (3 Dimensional Site Structure) 4.
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Unformatted text preview: Excavation Steps (4) (Various Decisions/Options) A. Grid System – Site Datum, Transit, Total Station, Grid Interval (1-by-1m, 2-by-2m, etc) Unit Datum B. Surface Investigations -- Map Overlays: Topographic Maps, Surface Collection --Artifact Density Maps, Geophysical Maps C. Penetrating Excavation -Subsurface Testing Phase, D. Clearing Excavation –Expose Large Blocks, Define Matrix, Balks (Record Stratigraphy) 5. Excavation Methods A. Levels – i. Arbitrary Levels-Metrical Stratigraphy ii. Natural/Cultural Levels – Excavate by Stratigraphy, Harris Matrix (Edward Harris)...
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