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11-19-08.out - Other Lines of Evidence(usually written...

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1 Readings: Echo-Hawk 2000, Lightfoot 2006 11/19/08 IX. INTERPRETATION 4. Other Sources of Evidence – summarize 5. Native Narratives A. Introduction B. Oral Histories C. Oral Traditions – examples from reading D. Challenges of Using Native Narratives i. How Far Back Can You Go? ii. Artifacts of Contemporary Native Culture? Russian History, Kashaya Pomo History iii. Sacred Stories, not Accessible to Scholars? iv. Recite Stories from Published Accounts E. Corroborating Data How Well Do Native Narratives Corroborate W/
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Unformatted text preview: Other Lines of Evidence(usually written records)? But May be Limiting Ourselves? 6. One Example: How To Employ Multiple Sources Examine each data source independently Compare – Convergence or Not? Why Discrepancies? May Expect Deep Discrepancies ; Could Be Divergent Views of the Past X. ANALYSIS 1. Decision Making in Laboratory Research A. Data Processing B. Many Options – Must Choose – based on research problems, kinds of information...
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