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Anthro2_Midterm2_ReviewSheet - Midterm 2 Review Sheet...

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Midterm 2 Review Sheet Anthro 2AC Fall 2008 Agency in archaeology Antiquarians Arbitrary/Natural Levels Archaeological “cultures” Assemblages/sub-assemblages Behavioral processes BVI, Little Jost Van Dyke Lewis Binford Bioturbation Broken K Pueblo Bureau of American Ethnology (BAE) Classification Clovis, New Mexico Collaborative archaeology Community partnering Conjunctive approach/Walter Taylor Meg Conkey Critical theory Culture areas / Time-space grids Culture history approach (& critiques of it) Cultural materialism Cultural Resource Management Data universe James Deetz Diffusion Direct historical approach Duncan, Arizona Emic/etic Excavation: penetrating vs. clearing Gary Feinman Folsom, New Mexico Formation Processes Manuel Gamio Gender in archaeology Geophysical Survey Methods Global positioning systems Gray Literature Hawaii/Maui High/low visibility James Hill Historical particularism/cultural relativism Ian Hodder Information Centers Law of Superposition Mark Leone
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  • Fall '07
  • Wilkie
  • Archaeology, archaeology Geophysical Survey, archaeology Antiquarians Arbitrary/Natural, Time-space grids Culture, culture Paleolithic/Neolithic Pithouse, High/low visibility James

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