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Fall2008_FinalExam_ReviewSheet - Ishi Kashaya Pomo...

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ANTHRO 2AC FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET Año Nuevo State Preserve archaeobotany/paleoethnobotany assemblages/sub-assemblages association attributes (stylistic, form, technological) Catal Hoyuk chronology (direct vs. indirect age determination; relative vs. absolute dating) classification construction of archaeological interpretations context coprolite curation crisis data processing data as “theory laden” datum debitage dendrochronology (& fire-scar dendro) deposition Roger Echo-Hawk ecofacts emic/etic classifications ethnoarchaeology ethnographic analogy (specific vs. general) excavation methods (penetrating vs. clearing; arbitrary vs. natural levels) experimental archaeology (lithic manufacture, lithic use-wear analysis, residue analysis) Glenn Farris flaked stone technology flakes (striking platform, bulb of percussion, dorsal/ventral sides, proximal/distal ends) geoarchaeology geophysical survey groundstone technology Ian Hodder holistic approach hyper-reflexivity interface interpretation at the “trowel’s edge”
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Unformatted text preview: Ishi Kashaya Pomo Interpretive Trail laboratory analysis (technological, form, stylistic) Law of Superposition lens Makah Cultural Research Center Market Street Chinatown matrix Metini Village Site/Fort Ross Gina Michaels museums (relation to archaeology; museum research) NAGPRA native landscape management obsidian hydration oral history/oral tradition orphan collections Robert Oswalt Overseas Chinese Archaeology Ozette Site Palynology percussion techniques (direct/indirect) phytoliths plan drawing / profile drawing pressure flaking provenience (lot vs. point) pyrodiversity practices radiocarbon (C14) dating / half-life / AMS reflexive methodology seriation sterile deposit Steve Shackley Albert Spaulding/James Ford/J.O. Brew stratigraphy / strata taphonomy types (discovered/arbitrary) Thad Van Buren/ CA-AMA-364/H Barbara Voss/Rebecca Allen tribal museums/cultural center...
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