CH2 - being chosen Study of how genes and environments work...

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Treatment that contains nothing known to be hopeful but that nevertheless produces benefits because a person believes it will be beneficial Confounding variable that occurs when an experimenter unintentionally encourages participants to respond in a way that supports the hypothesis Both the participants and those giving the treatments are unaware of who receives the placebo Process of selecting participants for research Fairly reflect the characteristics of the population from which they are selected Participants selected from a population each of whose members who didn’t have an equal chance of
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Unformatted text preview: being chosen Study of how genes and environments work together to shape behavior Numbers that describe and summarize a set of research data Value or score that occurs most frequently in a data set Halfway point in a data set Average set of scores Difference between highest and lowest scores in a data set Average difference between each score and the mean of the data set Refers to how strongly one variable is related to another and the direction of that relationship Mathematical procedures that help psychologists make inferences about what the data mean...
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