Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Types of sexual assault commonly...

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Chapter 11 Types of sexual assault commonly perpetrated against adult victims Sexual assault o Used as a blanket term that refers to a number of sexually related forms of victimization Includes all offenses involving touching or penetration of an intimate part of a person’s body without consent o The act of forced penetration of any bodily orifice or forced cunnilingus or felatio involving violation of the survivor’s body and psychological well- being Stranger sexual assault: a stereotypical definition Defined as nonconsensual or forced sex on a person who does not know the attacker When people hear the term sexual assault this is what they usually think of Acquaintance rape Any rape in which the parties know each other but are not and have not been involved in any form of romantic activity with one another Person who is known but not close to the person More subtle types of coercion Intimate (Date) rape Often used interchangeably with acquaintance rape Date rape o A narrower term referring to nonconsensual sex between people who are dating or on a date o Only one form of acquaintance sexual assault While committing sexual assault most people do not use weapons Spousal rape Marital rape o Any sexual activity by a legal spouse that is performed or caused to be performed without the consent of the other spouse The person doing the assault may turn the tables to make it seem as though it was the victims fault Two categories o Battering marital rapist Marital sexual assault victims experience all the typical trauma from abuse, assault, entrapment, and terror as part of being a battered wife Sexual violence is just one aspect of the general abuse that the victim must suffer More an assault to exploit, humiliate, and degrade than one to simply gratify sexual needs o Force-only marital rapist Marital sexual assault also occurs in relationships where sexual assault is largely the only type of violence utilized
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Amount of force used is usually the minimum amount necessary Group sexual assault and gang sexual assault: sexual assault defined by number of perpetrators Group sexual assault o Any situation in which two or more offenders sexual assault one female victim Desire is to humiliate the victim beyond the act of general sexual assault through
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Types of sexual assault commonly...

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