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Einhard (High Point University, Spring, 2009)

Einhard (High Point University, Spring, 2009) - Einhard and...

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Einhard and Vita Karoli (Life of Charlemagne) Vita Karoli (Life of Charlemagne) by Einhard Einhard (c. 771-840) was born to a wealthy family and was educated in the monastery of Fulda (Germany). St Boniface was his preceptor. In the 790s he was sent to the Charlemagne’s court. He was a pupil of Alcuin and succeeded him as a preceptor. In 799, Alcuin presented Einhard as a close ‘pupil’, a fideli (loyal) of the emperor, and an expert in rhetoric and mathematics (liberal arts). In 806, Einhard took the details of the plan of Charlemagne for the division of his vast empire ( Divisio Regnorum , the Division of the Kingdoms). He participated in the coronation of Louis the Pious and intervened in successive important royal commissions. In 827-28 he was sent to Rome to bring the relics of two important Christian saints, Marcellinus and Peter. Einhard was a courtier whose biography was an authoritative text of the long life of Charlemagne. Einhard employed the ‘classic model’ taken from authors like Cicero. However, he was the first to present Charlemagne as a ‘Christian
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