Vocab Especializado del Subjuctivo

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PREFERENCE (me) gusto que – i like that prefirir que – to prefer that SUGGESTION, ADVICE tolerar que – to tolerate that sugerir que – to suggest that recomendar que – to recommend that HOPE, WISH desear que – to desire that esperar que – to wish that ojalá (que) – I hope (that) PROHIBITION oponerse a que – to be opposed to that prohiber que – to prohibit that REQUEST, COMMAND pedir que – to ask that insistir en que – to insist on that mandar que – to send that rogar (o→ue) que – to beg that exigir que – to require that EMOTION estar alegre “de que” – to be glad that contento “ “ – to be happy that *desilusionado “ “ – enojado “ “ – to be angry that furioso “ “ – to be furious that orgulloso “ “ – to be proud that sorprendido “ “ – to be surprised that triste “ “ – to be sad that EXPRESIONES IMPERSONALES es sorprendente (que) – is surprising (that) bueno – is good malo – is bad mejor – is better peligroso – is dangerous
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Unformatted text preview: importante is important necesaro is necessary til is useful indispensable is indespensable esencial is essential lstima is a pity agradable is pleasant natural is natural justo is just lgico is logical absurdo is absurd ridculo is ridiculous raro is rare *importa vale la pena is worth while alegrarse de que to be glad that sentir (eie) que to feel that temer que to be afraid that tener miedo de que to be afraid that (me) molesta que (I) uncomfortable that EXPRESIONES DE DUDA es posible que is possible that es imposible que is imposible that es probable is probable no es verdad que is not tue that no es seguro que is not sure that es dudoso que is doubtful that dudar que to doubt that no creer que to not believe that no estar seguro(a) de que to not be sure that negar (eie) que to deny that...
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