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Advantages of recycling : (http://www.articlealley.com/article_137424_27.html There are lots of reasons why you should make an effort to recycle as much as possible.  If you haven’t been diligent about recycling your garbage, here are seven good reasons  why you should start. 1. It cuts back on global warming.  Our planet is starting to feel the effects of global warming already—and we need to do  whatever we can to lessen the impact. Production of certain materials from scratch can  release significant amounts of CO 2  into the atmosphere. Aluminum production is a  prime example—producing new aluminum creates 95% more CO 2  than recycling old  aluminum cans. In addition, recycling paper saves trees—for each ton of paper  recycled, 17 trees are saved. Each of these trees can extract around 250 pounds of  carbon dioxide from the air in a year. 2. It makes us more energy-efficient.  It often takes a great deal more energy to create something from scratch than to  recycle it. For example, it takes twice as much energy to burn plastic as to recycle it; it  takes 64% more energy to make paper than to recycle it; and recycling just one pound  of steel can save enough energy to run a 60-watt bulb for one day. 3. It keeps our landfills from overflowing. We’re fast running out of space for landfills—especially near cities. Seaside cities have been dumping trash into their oceans for decades to circumvent the problem, but with widespread marine ecological collapse, this is no longer a viable option. Worse yet, it’s difficult to find land in suburban and rural areas whose residents will allow landfills to come into their areas without a fight. The squeeze for landfill land is only going to get worse in the future. 4. Recycling gives us some hope for this bleak scenario. Studies show that 60% to 75% of garbage in landfills can be recycled. That means that if everybody recycled, we’d have 60% to 75% less garbage in our landfills, and we’d need at least that much less land for garbage disposal.
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  • Spring '09
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