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Physics 1B schedule Winter 2009. Instructor: D.N. Basov [email protected] HW: Ch15: 1,10,11,13,15,17,20,24,27,28,30,32,36,38,43,46,48 Ch16: 1,3,5,8,12,15,19,22,23,25,29,31,33,35,43,45,47,49,60 Ch17: 1,3,8,9,11,13,16,19,20,23,31,33,39,45,52,60 Ch18: 1,3,5,7,13,17,21,26,31,33,35, Ch19: 1,3,8,9,11,15,19,22,24,27,29,34,37,38,41,44,47,49,57,61 Ch20: 1,5,8,11,13,16,18,23,25,27,29,31,34,37,39, Quizzes: Final exam: all material in ch 15-21 HW problems, problems in class, more… no make up final for any reason 4 best out of 5 No make-up quizzes for any reason Week Mon Wed Friday 1:Jan 5 Lecture: Intro, 15.1-15.3 Lecture: The Coulomb law, Lecture: the Electric field 2: Jan 12 Lecture: Electric Flux & Gauss’s law Lecture: Gauss law/examples 3: Jan 19 University Holiday Lecture: Potential Quiz 1: chapter 15 4: Jan 26 Lecture: capacitance Lecture: capacitor combinations Quiz 2: chapter 16 5: Feb 2 Lecture: Capacitors with dielectrics, Electric current Lecture: Ohm’s Law Resistivity, Electric power Lecture: Resistors, series parallel 6: Feb 9 Lecture: Kirchhoff’s rules Lecture: RC circuits Quiz 3: chapter 17-18 7: Feb 16 University Holiday Lecture: Magnetism Lecture: torque on current loop, Ampere’s law 8: Feb 23 Lecture: current loop, solenoid Quiz 4: chapter 19 Induced EMF OH Fri 4-5pm, 6-7pm 9: March 2 Lecture: Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law Lecture Inductance, Inductors Quiz 5: chapter 20 10: March 9 Lecture: Energy of the magnetic field Lecture: AC circuits Lecture: discussion of the final exam T.A.: A: Zhoushen Huang [email protected] B: Andreas Stergiou, [email protected] Last update: Jan 30, 2009
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Comparison: Electric Field vs. Magnetic Field Electric Magnetic Source Charges Moving Charges Acts on Charges Moving Charges Force F = Eq F = q v B sin( ) Direction Parallel E Perpendicular to v,B Field Lines Opposites Charges Attract Currents Repel ll o B Δ L= μ I
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