Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Introduction Domestic batterers are...

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Chapter 12 Introduction Domestic batterers are offenders who are a unique class unto themselves They are violent but selective with whom and how their violence is utilized Distinction between batterers and violent offenders is their choice of victim Different types of batterers depends on the reasons for such abuse and the various levels of lethality of the abusive incidents Three types of batterers o Category 1 - least dangerous and most treatable The ordinary guy who is caught in abnormal circumstances Abuse tends to be situational o Category 2 - between category 1 and 3 Display several character defects including substance abuse, non- domestic violent activity, and marital problems Abuse is not situational and is not isolated Abuse is likely unpredictable External and internal causes for abuse Weapons are used but only as a threat not to harm Unpredictable treatment outcome o Category 3 - very dangerous and not likely treatable Often possess personality disorders Internal belief issues regarding rights of men in relationships Likely to use dangerous weapons No remorse and lack conscience No amenable treatment Many of these batterers present with psychological disorders such as narcissistic, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, paranoid, and obsessive compulsive disorders Two categories to spousal abusers o Common couple violence Intermittent response to the occasional conflicts of everyday life Just an argument that gets out of hand Can be enacted by the men or women o Patriarchal terrorism Consists of men who commit acts of spousal abuse because of a need to be in charge of the relationship and to control the woman Sexist based, rooted in notions of male privilege in a typical heterosexual relationship Most dangerous batterers are often distinguished by their psychological disorders
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Introduction Domestic batterers are...

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