1_12_09 - Classics 222 Notes for We agreed to delay until...

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Classics 222 Notes for 1/12/09 We agreed to delay until Wednesday making available the sign-up sheets for the paper due dates of February 11 and 27 and April 15. Thanks to Dr. Sutherland for taking the class in my absence on Friday. We will pick up where she left off, after Athena, the eleventh in our catalogue of the twelve (really fourteen) Olympian deities: A further note on virgin goddesses – For a woman to have sexual relations with a man is to become subordinate to him. Hestia, Athena, and Artemis are just not subordinate in that way. 12. Hephaestus (Vulcan) - god of fire and metalworking Born from Zeus and Hera. The only one of the gods who is not physically perfect, he has a bad leg. We noted the story from the 8 th book of the Odyssey that Hephaestus was married to Aphrodite, who was having an affair with Ares. Hephaestus, the craftsman god, hung over the bed a net of gold so fine that it was invisible, and so caught Ares and Aphrodite in flagrante. He then called in all the other gods to laugh at them. This sort of tale of divine behavior told by Homer will cause real problems for the later Greeks, as we will soon see. 13. Dionysus (Bacchus) - god of wine, and of vegetation in general- ecstasy. We noted the story of Dionysus’ origin. Zeus loved Semele, princess of Thebes (This is Thebes in Greece, NOT Thebes in Egypt). Hera was jealous. She tricked Semele into getting Zeus to promise her anything, then demanding that he reveal himself in his true form. Zeus had to keep his promise and revealed himself to Semele in all his glory. Unfortunately, Zeus in his true form carries the thunderbolt (lightning bolt). Semele was instantly burned to a crisp. Semele was
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1_12_09 - Classics 222 Notes for We agreed to delay until...

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