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Classics 222 Notes for 1/16/09 Sign-up sheets for paper due dates were made available before and after class again today. This will happen for the third and last time when we return on Wednesday, 1/21. To finish business from last time, these are the circumstances of the production of our tragedies: Plays performed at the City Dionysia in March/April- plays of 3 individuals are performed Each day, there are 3 tragedies back-to-back followed by Satyr Play. Satyrs, who would be the chorus, are meant to be comedic (man/goat or man/horse) wear padding on buttocks and a large leather phallus. Judges from 10 tribes determine who is 1-2-3. Tragedians don't "write plays", they "teach a chorus." Notion is that you are doing this to make the citizens better. Plays have little to nothing to do with Dionysos. Myths of Thebes and Trojan war principal sources of stories. Greek History-continued This further bit of Greek history will take the Time Line down to the production of Oedipus the King . After Persian Wars end, Athens has opportunity to stand as supreme. Easy to do because only competition (Sparta) has no interest in taking that role. 478-League is formed at Delos- Delian League. Athens is the hub- the others have treaty agreements through which they send money or ships to Athens to fight against the Persians. Athens is suddenly a very rich city. * Economic reforms of Ephialtes (461): Everyone in Athens who does league business- even a jury of 201- gets paid for public service. League collections provide money used to build the Parthenon, and to fund the paying of Athenians citizens to take part in the governmental roles required by the radical democracy. Pericles is elected general ( strategos , plural strategoi ) for most of the years between 460 and 429. The ten strategoi , one from each tribe, provide continuity of leadership. Pericles is the de facto leader of Athens during the "Golden age of Greece," so it is also called the Periclean Age. * 454 treasury of the league was moved to the Parthenon from Delos. Hereafter, we refer to the Delian League as "The Athenian Empire" * Persians cease to be seen as a threat- why are we sending money to Athens? Because Athenians conquered anyone who wanted to leave the empire. Example: Samos revolted 441/440. Athenians besieged the city- killed the men and sold the
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1_16_09 - Classics 222 Notes for Sign-up sheets for paper...

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