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CLASSICS 222, NOTES FOR 1/23/09 Repeat Announcement: For the first test on Wednesday, 1/28/09, the format will be 40 multiple choice for 80 points, plus 20 points for five quote i.d.'s for which you are to identify the speaker and the play. Please see last year's first test under "Course Documents" for a better sense of the format and the kinds of questions asked. Please note that on the quote i.d.’s, as in all else in this course, an incorrectly spelled response is an incorrect response. Note that everything in the lecture notes and handouts, and everything in the texts of the plays we read is fair game for the test. If you have not been studying every day, you will want to start immediately. Why Does Oedipus suffer? Why do bad things happen to good people? In Aeschylus, Learn by suffering. In Sophocles, at least in Oedipus the King , there are unaccountable tragedies in our lives, like a kid being hit by a car. But Oedipus is not primarily focused on the child being hit by a car. Rather it's focused on the unwitting driver. Why is he the unintentional cause of this horror? Sophocles insists on asking the question, and also seems to insist on not giving us an answer. Note: At this point, more than half the people in the room seemed to veer dangerously towards depression. Drastic measures were required. So, in an act of collective imagination, Dr. Craig fired a starter pistol at the ceiling, and a life-size plush toy of a Holstein cow dropped from the air and landed on the table at the front of the room. People seemed to relax a bit. Antigone First, 3 Perspectives Greeks have that Modern Americans Don’t. 1. Gender Relations; 2. Fathers and Sons; 3. The sanctity of custom 1.Gender Relations: women are 2nd class citizens Even In Homeric times, women's treatment is startling. Women were honored or were treated as trophies. Agamemnon insults Achilles by taking away his trophy- "the prize"- A neuter word in Greek for a woman given as a mark of recognition for valor. Even when women are honored their work remains weaving, child care and managing the household resources Athenian middle class women's lot is much the same. They have little formal education and cannot vote. They can take no action in law except for divorce and they can give evidence. Kurios is a male legal guardian (usually father or brother) who gives the woman in marriage (in a
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1_23_09 - CLASSICS 222, NOTES FOR 1/23/09 Repeat...

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