1_26_09 - CLASSICS 222, NOTES FOR 1/26/09 Repeat...

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CLASSICS 222, NOTES FOR 1/26/09 Repeat Announcement: For the first test on Wednesday, 1/28/09, the format will be 40 multiple choice for 80 points, plus 20 points for five quote i.d.'s for which you are to identify the speaker and the play. Please see last year's first test under "Course Documents" for a better sense of the format and the kinds of questions asked. Please note that on the quote i.d.’s, as in all else in this course, an incorrectly spelled response is an incorrect response. Note that everything in the lecture notes and handouts, and everything in the texts of the plays we read is fair game for the test. For the test, you will need to bring a standard scantron form and a number 2 pencil. Please be sure to staple your journals at upper left corner before you turn them in in class on Wednesday. Antigone (cont.) * 174- first standing ode- perhaps the most famous choral ode in all tragedy. "many the deina, none more so than man." This is often taken as a tag line to characterize the feeling of optimism about human ability during the Golden Age of Greece. But while deinos can mean wonderful, it can also mean horrible. Who are the chorus talking about? Is it Creon? Or the person who buried the body? * Sentry comes back with Antigone, who defiantly claims the authority of the unwritten
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1_26_09 - CLASSICS 222, NOTES FOR 1/26/09 Repeat...

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