1_30_09 test 2 - CLASSICS 222 NOTES FOR 1/30/09 Tests were...

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CLASSICS 222 NOTES FOR 1/30/09 Tests were handed back. Median score was 82, average score was 77.6. Test scores in this course are not curved. NOTE: A >=90; A- = 88-89; B+ = 86-87; B = 80-85; B- = 78-79; C+= 76-77; C = 70-75; C- = 68-69; D+= 66-67; D = 61-65; D- = 60; F <60 Those who made C- or below (less than 70) and who plan to stay in the course should speak with Dr. Craig individually. Those who made F's should do so immediately. Most people did very well, and Dr. Craig hopes they will not be beguiled into hubris, with atê and nemesis sure to follow. After 15 minutes spent going over the test, back to tragedy. For Monday, we read the Philoctetes . Before doing so, please read this information: * Philoctetes is Greek prince who went off to Troy with Agamemnon and the other Greeks. His hallmark weapon is the bow that once belonged to Heracles. Heracles, poisoned and in agony, lay down alive on his own funeral pyre, and asked Philoctetes (or his father Poias) to light it. As a reward, Heracles handed over the bow. * At an island on the way to Troy, Philoctetes happened onto holy ground. A guardian snake bit him on the foot. The wound wouldn't heal; he continually groaned from pain, and the wound stank He was unpleasant to be around- so the other Greeks marooned him on an island * In the 10th year of the Trojan War, there is a prophecy that Greeks cannot take Troy unless they have the bow of Heracles, or Philoctetes and bow both. Odysseus comes back to get him, accompanied by Neoptolemus (son of Achilles) Here the play opens. Now, to Ajax : Judgment of arms is a story in the epic cycle (the poems written after Homer, and now lost, that fill in the whole story from which the Iliad and the Odyssey tell certain parts), and alluded to in Homer. Ajax preparing for suicide is depicted on the Attic black-figure pottery of the 6th century. We showed an example. This is a well established tale before Sophocles and his audience come to it. * Mythical background to the story: Laomedon (king of Troy) got Apollo and Poseidon
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1_30_09 test 2 - CLASSICS 222 NOTES FOR 1/30/09 Tests were...

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