2_23_09 - Classics 222 notes for If you are writing the...

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Classics 222 notes for 2/23/09 If you are writing the second paper, due 2/27, the topic will be posted in the Course Documents area of the Blackboard site since 12:01am on 2/20. Roman History (keyed to the handout "Timeline II") This is just enough about Roman history to equip us to study Roman myth. It is necessarily very general. If you are a Roman history buff with questions or special issues about this material that you would like to discuss one-on-one, please just let me know. The Palatine and the Capitoline hills overlook the valley that will be the Roman Forum Romulus founded a settlement in 8 th century Archaeology says there was a great change in the seventh century- 600 Up until this time burials are found in the forum and other valleys. In Greco-Roman antiquity, graves typically are not inside the boundaries of the city, so the forum was outside the city. People were just living up on the hills, probably because the low places were swampy and unhealthy. Around 600, burials stop and a ditch is dug- forum is drained and becomes part of the city. In Roman myth-history, this change is attributed to Tarquinius Priscus An Etruscan (from Tuscany) In myth-history, the last three kings of Rome were Etruscans, and this indicates that this powerful and mysterious people from the north were dominant in early Rome. We looked at images from Etruscan funeral art to get a sense of the mood of these people at this time. 509 Etruscans are cast out, and Roman Republic begins. Roman aristocracy remains. These are traditionally called patricians because they are "Father figures" to the common people, or plebeians. Republic does have elections, BUT the electorate owe
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2_23_09 - Classics 222 notes for If you are writing the...

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