3_4_09 - Classics 222 notes for 3/4/09 The third test is on...

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Classics 222 notes for 3/4/09 The third test is on Monday 3/9. It will have exactly the same format as the third test from last year, which is available in a folder in the course documents area of the Blackboard site. Please test yourself as you will be tested. Note on journals: Please write one journal for each reading assignment, so ONE journal for books 1-2, ONE journal for books 3-4, etc. The Aeneid (cont.) Entrance of Dido (p. 17) surrounded by warriors- compared with Diana Trojan leaders are beseeched by Dido (suppliants)- tells them not to fear. She will make sure they are cared for- She knows about Aeneas and the war. Says they will exist as equals- Trojans/Tyrians will split her kingdom. In short, Dido is the soul of nobility and generosity, and is predisposed to have a high regard for the Trojans. Cloud lifted- Aeneas looks like a god when he appears to Dido. Glamour shot- overawes the woman who is already predisposed to think highly of him. Venus sends Cupid (= Greek Eros, personified) to sit her on her lap and poison her (disguised as Ascanius)- to ensure Juno can't endanger things. Yes, the gods have an agenda- people's lives will be affected, but as far as the gods are concerned, individuals are less important that the big picture- To Vergil are they less important? *** Books 2 and 3 are a flashback. Aeneas talks through the night at the banquet, and explains how he has spent the last seven years. Book II: Fall of Troy Chance to show what Vergil can do with Battle scenes in high drama- describe fall of Troy- Homer never did this although there was an intermediate epic that did cover the fall of Troy. That epic was not preserved (P. 26). Laocoon- fall of Troy was fated, nothing was going to happen to stop it. Horse was sitting on the shore of Troy- Laocoon warns them of the devious Greeks and of Odysseus- siege engine. "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." Laocoon threw a spear at the horse and they all heard the sound it made.- if Troy
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3_4_09 - Classics 222 notes for 3/4/09 The third test is on...

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