old exam 1 - CLASSICS 222, TEST OF 1/30/08 I. (80 pts.) On...

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CLASSICS 222, TEST OF 1/30/08 I. (80 pts.) On your answer sheet, please indicate the BEST answer to each question: 1. Originally, all myths are essentially a. violent b. traditional c. prophetic d. ritualized e. tragic 2. "Where does the world come from?" is a key question addressed by a. myth proper b. legend c. folk tale d. Homer e. Sophocles 3. About how many years after the Antigone was Oedipus the King produced? a. 6 b. 12 c. 18 d. -6 e. -12 4. Oedipus thought that his mother was Merope when in fact it was a. Antigone b. Ismene c. Jocasta d. the Sphinx e. Eurydice 5. Who was NOT a brother or sister of Antigone? a. Ismene b. Eteocles c. Oedipus d. Haemon e. Polyneices 6. The goddess of grain and fertility in general is a. Hestia b. Demeter c. Hera d. Artemis e. Aphrodite 7. With which of these sites do we most strongly associate the worship of a mother goddess? a. Athens b. Knossos c. Mycenae d. Thebes e. Troy 8. The Iliad of Homer was written down in about a. 1425 b. 1184 c. 1100 d. 750 e. 594 9. The "Father of History" is a. Aeschylus b. Herodotus c. Pericles d. Solon e. Sophocles 10. In a Greek tragedy, the physical place where the chorus dances is called the a. orchestra b. stasimon c. episode d. physis e. peripety 11. The historian of the Peloponnesian War was a. Aeschylus b. Sophocles c. Euripides d. Herodotus e. Thucydides 12. A responsive lament between a character and the chorus is called a. parodos b. kommos c. stasimon d. episode e. prologue 13. According to Aristotle, it is human nature to live in a a. catharsis b. philia c. peripety d. polis e. Lycaeum
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old exam 1 - CLASSICS 222, TEST OF 1/30/08 I. (80 pts.) On...

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