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Lab Final Practice #1 KEY - Lab Final Study Guide Chem 130...

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Lab Final Study Guide Chem 130 1. Name the disposal location or container for a. cobalt (II) ion heavy metals b. broken pipet glass only c. acetone organic wastes 2. In our lab, you would find dilute (6M) ammonia in a plastic bottle. 3. What is the job of a buffer? To keep pH relatively constant with addition of small amounts of acid/base 4. Does a phosphate ion, when dissolved in water, increase or decrease the [H + ] of the water? decrease 5. Referring to question #2, what color litmus paper would you use to test for ammonia? red 6. Name the product(s) formed when hydrogen peroxide is decomposed by a catalyst. Oxygen and water 7. What is the main difference between a cool and a hot burner flame? Be very specific! Cool = no cones, hot = inner cone 8. Name the (long) glassware piece that is used in titrating an acid with a base. buret 9. The function of the fume hood is to remove harmful fumes (vapors) 10. The concentration of X in a solution made up with 5mL of 0.2M of X, 5mL of Y, and 15mL of water is 0.05M SHOW ALL WORK AND ANSWER (5mL x 0.2M X) / (5+5+15)mL soln. = 0.05M 11. A 0.020g strip of a metal, M (molar mass = 50.0), reacts with 4.0mL of 3M HCl over a period of time. Evaluate the mol M/mol HCl ratio for the reaction. SET UP ONLY; NO ANSWER NEEDED (0.020gM x molM/50.0gM) / (0.0040L x 3mol HCl/L)
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12. True-False
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