Advanced Media Sales Exam I Review

Advanced Media Sales Exam I Review - Advanced Media Sales...

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Advanced Media Sales Exam I Review CUT THE CRAP! No long responses, 2-3 sentences at most Material covered: 4 realities of media supported business 1. Advertising is not art for art sake. Every effort must have clear business mission. 2. Assume consumers are and will be completely selfish. All marketers should operate with this premise. All they care about is “What’s in it for me?” 3. Money is made in distribution, content provider, and sellers. 4. Advertising is the economic engine of media business. Elements of media economics (model) ex. Mexican radio station, bloggers Advertising $, Distribution, Content: equally weighted, all 3 must be met to be successful Could also be Advertising $, Audience, and Medium Commercial ratings: A tutorial handout How commercial ratings are described Research: TV’s new best friend and mobile handout Definition of sales: identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably Trickery doesn’t’ work, not profitable to work on short-term Goal in sales process is to want to become a trusted business advisor in sales process/continuum. This rarely happens because the advertising agency has little influence on business company. You must be asked for business advice to become trusted business advisor. Advertising has no place in profits. Profit is up to the company itself, advertising can only generate audience (qualified customers). Profit is a promise that advertisers can’t keep because all they want is value. 6 tips on having successful client relationship 1. Understand that at times, relationship will be strained a. It’s not about you (you don’t matter on a personal level in the relationship) b. Nothing wrong with honest disagreement
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c. Good people fix it and get past it, emotional people get caught up
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Advanced Media Sales Exam I Review - Advanced Media Sales...

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