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Tammie Tse – tt6377 CMS344K - McGlone 1 I NTERVIEW #1: C HILD I NTERVIEWEE B ACKGROUND The person I chose to interview is a 14 year old high school freshmen named Jonathon Brandon Salazar. Jonathon is the younger brother of Justin Salazar, who is my boyfriend of 4 and half years. I chose to interview Jonathon because I have watched him grow up through a very transitional time (age 9-14). Along with having 4 parents, he is also the middle child amongst 4 siblings. Having taken all of these factors into consideration, I felt that Jonathon is a good contender for this study. With such an exclusive family upbringing, Jonathon has had an unconventional background with lying and honesty. Q UESTIONS AND A NSWERS 1. Did you ever lie to your parents? Yes I have. 2. If so, about what? There have been many things, although it seems that I have noticed myself lying more often in the past couple of years than when I was younger … when life was simpler, haha. I lie about my grades, I lie about having girlfriends, I lie about doing my chores. How did you lie about doing your chores? Well, at my house, as you already know, all of us are assigned chores to do every weekend. Sometimes, we’re supposed to do them when the parents are out. There would be times when they call home and ask if I’ve done the chores and I would tell them I have, even though I was playing video games. Eventually, either my sisters tell on me or my parents come home early and the chores are still undone. I was caught doing this more than half of the time. What else have you lied about? I lie to get out of trouble, most of the time. Like, I would make up stories about accidents. Like, saying something accidentally fell on the floor and broke when really it was me being stupid and knocked it over.
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interview #1 - Tammie Tse tt6377 1 CMS344K - McGlone...

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