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Homework #2: Friends with Benefits Kimmie and Chance are both seniors in high school. They have been friends since their sophomore year, but have begun to adapt to a more intimate relationship, commonly known as friends with benefits. They are two casual friends who do not want to be committed with the title of being boyfriend and girlfriend, but they often engage in intimate activities: making out, oral sex, and spend nights at each other’s houses. It was not long ago when they crossed the line of being more than friends, but they have not had sexual intercourse yet. Kimmie is sexually curious and wants to lose her virginity before she goes to college. However, she often feels that she is more emotionally attached to Chance than he is to her. She also fears that if they began a relationship, he will sleep with another girl when he goes off to Texas A&M, while she is at UT. Chance is a curious guy and does not like to be committed by having a long-distance relationship while entering college. He enjoys Kimmie’s company as a friend and finds her sexually attractive at the same time. This is why Chance wants to take their relationship to
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Homework2fwbskit - Homework #2: Friends with Benefits...

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