hmk1 analysis - Group 3 Data Analysis Our groups main...

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Group 3: Data Analysis Our group’s main objective in administering the survey was to find out the obstacles that are present today with using contraceptives and the reasons why they exist. We found this information by surveying people of different age, sexual orientation, sexual activity, and relationship status. We also asked how often they use contraceptives and for what reason. Our survey group was predominantly males and females that are 19-25 years old who are heterosexuals, with a few outliers in age and in sexual orientation. All of our homosexual subjects are male. Most people who are in a monogamous relationship tend to be sexually active. Most of our subjects surveyed are heterosexual. Among our pool of results, we had a few homosexuals and two bisexuals – this is not enough for us to see a trend in their relationships. Therefore, the monogamous relationships we’re comparing are the hetero sexual ones. We found that males tend to use contraceptives less than females if they are in a relationship. One reason to explain this is that many females nowadays take oral contraceptives, which are deemed 99% effective against pregnancy. With this generalization
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hmk1 analysis - Group 3 Data Analysis Our groups main...

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