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02-19-09 Marxism and Revolutionary Politics

02-19-09 Marxism and Revolutionary Politics - Marxism and...

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02/19/09 Marxism and Revolutionary Politics I. Marxism in European Politics a. Social and Political Change in 19 th Century Europe b. Socialist Politics II. Russian Conditions a. The Problem of Backwardness b. Autocracy c. 1905 and Its Consequences Manifesto - History has a direction and his job was to show where it was moving next - Key to history is class struggle - Proletariat is to move history forward - Social class determined by means of production: either own or use - Most socialists have a problem with society: the people who create the wealth of industrializing countries, the people who do the work to create that wealth, do not enjoy the wealth of their production [Oscar Wilde pg.185] - Timing of revolution is important to Marx - Never tells what to do after a revolution Socialist Politics - Collective comes before individual - Individual only achieves anything by serving the whole, not oneself - Though there are other forms, Marxism becomes maintained as a the dominant form of socialism - Marxism achieves domination in the left around the 1860s through the 1950s -
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