03-05-09 European Colonialism and the New Imperialism

03-05-09 European Colonialism and the New Imperialism -...

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03/05/09 European Colonialism and the “New Imperialism” I. Imperialism and Europe’s Place in the World II. The “New Imperialism” a. Definitions/Characteristics b. The British Empire c. Contemporary Perspectives Stalin and Russian Revolution - 1938? 1937? End of revolution - Revolution is a social change by which dominant class shifts to become the working class - Only fully accomplished after 15 years of Stalin in power - Bolsheviks come and say they speak for working class, even though
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Unformatted text preview: they are small-1936 Stalin implements new constitution Imperialism -1830s to 1930s phase of European dominance-Starts with France taking Algeria-High point is between 1880 and 1900-1945 to present is period of decolonization-Pg.138 (2 nd paragraph) three distinct phases of British colonialism-Pg.139 middle: in carrying out of work of civilization...
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