02-03-09 Radical Revolution

02-03-09 Radical Revolution - 2/3/09 III. Radical...

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2/3/09 III. Radical Revolution A. Political Groups B. The Culture of the Revolution C. Regicide D. Terror E. Thermidor Two Revolutions - 1789 Liberal and 1792 Radical/Republican - Economic and political liberalism What is the relationship between the two revolutions? - Liberal revolution opened the door, but kept the king’s position - 1792 fulfilled the hopes of 1789 or was a complete 180 of 1789 Political Groups - The militia on the streets have power - There are clubs, the earliest form of political parties, where intellectuals get together - These meeting places become known to have a certain political ideal or another - The Jacobins were actually a club, a series of meeting places in Paris where people went to talk politics - King wants France to lose war so that he can regain control; believes armies of Prussia, Austria, and England will bring him back to his crown because they are monarchies and want to maintain the system of monarchies in Europe - This leads to discontent and rejection of the king; crowds drive him away and the Legislative Assembly vote to arrest the king
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02-03-09 Radical Revolution - 2/3/09 III. Radical...

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