03-03-09 Bolsheviks in Power

03-03-09 Bolsheviks in Power - create new type of man...

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03/03/09 MIDTERM: 3/12 Thurs I. Bolsheviks in Power a. The Civil War and War Communism b. NEP and Revolutionary Culture c. Stalin d. First Five-Year Plan e. The Purges II. Assessing the Revolution a. Stalin’s Relationship to 1917 b. When did the Revolution End? Civil War and War Communism - Appeals to other proletarians of other countries fell on deaf ears - The peasantry sided more with the Bolsheviks - Bolsheviks developed secret police, Cheka, which later became the KGB - Spied on own people, all phone communication - July 1918 when czar and family killed by Bolsheviks - War Communism: economy oriented towards war effort; factories taken over for war production; rationing; private property becomes public; money diminishes as bartering increases - Communism was a cultural system and a promise of great change - Purity and simplicity of form (angles and lines) would revolutionize bourgeois art - Bolshevism isn’t only trying to get rid of political system but also to
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Unformatted text preview: create new type of man: physically stronger, smarter, more in harmony with nature, etc.-Change bourgeois inhibitions about marriage and sexuality; sexual liberation NEP and Revolutionary Culture-Bolsheviks say they have to let capitalism run its course so som can come-Now allowed to open shop-1924 Lenin dies-Identifies with secularism and associates Russian Orthodox church with superstition Stalin-Steel-Enough waiting around, state is going to take charge and build som by industrializing, mostly iron and steel-5 year plan in 1929-Attempt to create spirit of 1917, reenergize-NEP perceived as soft and weak time, and 5-year plan of strength and steel-Obsession with speed and tempo-Implements affirmative action for steel workers’ family, establishing a proletarian elite-1936 Great Purges, lasts three years: killed revolutionaries and created loyal group of followers...
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03-03-09 Bolsheviks in Power - create new type of man...

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