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03-10-09 Science, Race and Nation

03-10-09 Science, Race and Nation - -As cities grow...

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03/10/09 Science, Race and Nation I. Nations and Nationalism: Europe in the Nineteenth Century a. Constructing Nation States b. Bourgeois Europe c. Second Industrial Revolution (review) II. Science, Race and Empire Lecture: Doheny Intellectual Commons, Thursday 4PM, Peter Hays: Holocaust, Myths and Misconceptions Constructing Nation States - Language; effort to nationalize language but only came about later - Territory - Religion: France was overwhelmingly Catholic - Economy/currency - Ethnicity (fiction attempted to be made true): culture or ancestry - Nation-state was obviously already there but in 19 th century, there was push to centralize what was a nation - Industrialization pushed nationalization Use of roads and railroads connect people from other parts of the country Newspapers make it seem like people are part of a community - First n ationalism was French Revolution through flags, songs, loyalty to n ation, not king - Identity chang es a s citizenship is cre at ed rath er th an class distinctions: French
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Unformatted text preview: -As cities grow, regional identities lose power over p eople-It s erves so m eon e’s interest [middle class] to h av e a Germ an st at e, not 38 reg-Nationalism is a liberal ide a in 19 th century: economy – resources; etc.-Nationalism co m e s from stud ents, frat ernities -Liberal n ationalism built on own pre mise th at if e ach group exerts it own right, ev eryon e can live h appily ev er after-1848 when n ational unification fails, Germ a ny a sks Prussian e m p eror to rule th but h e refus e-Capitalism tends to outgrow th e n ation-st at e Bourgeois Europe-19 th century -More e a st you g et, m ore nobility, larger piec es of land The Second Industrial Revolution -1850: dyes, ste el Science, Race, a n d Empire-Period where science h as extraordinary status-Origin of Species, 1859, Charles Darwin...
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