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AFM Standards and References APPENDIX C 152 Introduction Standards and references are required for proper operation of an AFM and to verify optimal operating conditions and calibration of the instrument. Standards are used to assure that the absolute measurements are correct, while references assure that the instrument is giving consistent results. For establishing calibrated topography measurements, the AFM scanner must be certi±ed with calibration standards having pre-established dimensions in the X, Y and Z axis. References can be used for establishing that an AFM mode is operating correctly and for establishing the proper operation of the AFM. Tis guide serves as a reference for ±nding standards and references that are helpful for making meaningful measurements with an AFM. When possible several vendors for a particular type of standard are listed. Z Calibration Calibration standards/references are needed to calibrate SPM in the vertical axis. For calibrations greater than 10 nm step height, standards or references are typically fabricated by etching patterns in a quartz substrate. Another source for references is etched silicon, or silicon dioxide coated with a uniform layer of metal. When calibrating the instrument for Z height measurements below 10 nm, nano-spheres, atomic terraces of silicon or HOPG may be used as a reference specimen.
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153 Appendix C • Standards and References Company Standard / Reference VLSI Standards Standards Z=18nm, 44nm, 100nm, 180nm Pitch=1.8µm, 3µm, 5µm ,10µm, 20µm References: Z=18nm, 44nm, 100nm, 180nm Pitch=3µm,10µm MicroMasch Z=20÷25nm, 90÷104nm, 496÷503nm, 1000nm, 15000nm Pitch=3µm,10µm HOPG all grades SPI Supplies Pitch=300nm, 700nm Z~100nm Ted Pella Pitch=0.463µm Z~31nm Pacific Nanotechnology Pitch=20µm, 10µm, 5µm, 3µm Z~75nm Electron Microscopy Science
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Appendix_C - APPENDIX C AFM Standards and References...

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