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Lecture 11.20 - 2 Pain avoidance 3 Failure to Challenge –...

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Psych 101 Lecture; November 20, 2007 Skinner and Behaviorism - Operant Conditioning at Work CS (piano) -> CR (practice) -> reinforcement -> more practicing “Behavior is shaped by its consequences” R-R Theory e.g. Comic leader, vanilla coca-cola vending machine Superstitious Conditioning a) Reward by the clock, and not for a specific response… “the dancing rat” b) Pre-game rituals – hockey Slots in Vegas – variable ratio reinforcement Hypnosis Stage Hypnosis (Polish) 1. Is hypnosis necessary? 2. The power image 3. The volunteers – already cooperative/extroverted 4. The susceptibility test – weeding out 5. The trance induction – are you getting sleepy: defines situation as requiring hypnosis, but it doesn’t! 6. The “unwilling” subject – Polish and his cousin Typical Demonstration 1. The Human Plank (Pat Collins the hip hypnosis)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Pain avoidance 3. Failure to Challenge – “you cannot bend your elbow.” Not “try to bend your elbow.” 4. The famous person Stage Hypnosis • Audience assumes hypnotist is controlling behavior and subject is helpless. • All it takes is-A sugg estible a udience-A few cooper ative subjects History: • Anton Mesm er (1776) – “Influence of the Planets in the Cure of Dise as e” Magnetizer • James Braid (1840) – sle ep –like tranc e: Hypnosis; Heighten e d sugge stibility; The swinging watch • James Esdaile (1885) – 300 operations using hypnosis • Sigmund Freud (1885) – Uncovering the unconscious; Ultimat e rejection: d e p e nd e ncy; susc eptibility • Dr. Ernest Hilgard Stanford University (1980) – Divided Consciousne ss...
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