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Psych 101 Lecture; November 20, 2007 Skinner and Behaviorism - Operant Conditioning at Work CS (piano) -> CR (practice) -> reinforcement -> more practicing “Behavior is shaped by its consequences” R-R Theory e.g. Comic leader, vanilla coca-cola vending machine Superstitious Conditioning a) Reward by the clock, and not for a specific response… “the dancing rat” b) Pre-game rituals – hockey Slots in Vegas – variable ratio reinforcement Hypnosis Stage Hypnosis (Polish) 1. Is hypnosis necessary? 2. The power image 3. The volunteers – already cooperative/extroverted 4. The susceptibility test – weeding out 5. The trance induction – are you getting sleepy: defines situation as requiring hypnosis, but it doesn’t! 6. The “unwilling” subject – Polish and his cousin Typical Demonstration 1. The Human Plank (Pat Collins the hip hypnosis)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Pain avoidance 3. Failure to Challenge you cannot bend your elbow. Not try to bend your elbow. 4. The famous person Stage Hypnosis Audience assumes hypnotist is controlling behavior and subject is helpless. All it takes is-A sugg estible a udience-A few cooper ative subjects History: Anton Mesm er (1776) Influence of the Planets in the Cure of Dise as e Magnetizer James Braid (1840) sle ep like tranc e: Hypnosis; Heighten e d sugge stibility; The swinging watch James Esdaile (1885) 300 operations using hypnosis Sigmund Freud (1885) Uncovering the unconscious; Ultimat e rejection: d e p e nd e ncy; susc eptibility Dr. Ernest Hilgard Stanford University (1980) Divided Consciousne ss...
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