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Fall 2007 CS 111-01 Test #1 Page 1 of 5 CS 111-01 Introduction to Computer Science, Test #1 Help Received: __________________ Name: ______________________ True / False 1. All instructions and data that a computer is currently working on is stored in the secondary memory. 2. Computer science is the study of how to use computers proficiently. 3. Computer hardware can only understand a high-level language. 4. The basic operations of a computer are carried out in the CPU. 5. CPU can only directly access information that is stored in Random Access Memory, RAM. 6. Changeable parts of a Python commands are placed within the parentheses. 7. After a Python function has been defined, it can be invoked by typing its name only. 8. The statement x = x – 1 is not valid, since the value of x can never be identical to the value of x – 1 . 9. Comments in a program indicate the CPU what to do. 10. Indentation (e.g., leaving a few spaces at the beginning of statements within a for loop) in Python is necessary because it will make other persons understand your program easily. 11. An algorithm can be written in a natural language. 12. Python identifiers must start with a letter or underscore. 13. def is a valid identifier in Python. 14. An assignment in Python has the form <expr> = <variable> 15. Python allows the input of more than one value with a single statement. 16. In a flowchart, diamonds are used for decision points, and rectangles are used to show staqtements. 17. Python assignment statement can assign a value to a single variable only. 18. The long int data type is not a fixed size. 19. Any fraction can be precisely represented by a float . 20. A Python library contains example application programs and tutorials on Python.
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CS111-T1 - Fall 2007 CS 111-01 Test #1 CS 111-01...

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