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ECE 4001 -- Project Engineering and Professional Practice EXAM #1 Solutions October 6, 2008 Page 1 of 6 Problem 1. (50 points) A. (2 points) A disaster occurred at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Kansas City. This was discussed in your textbook and during the engineering disasters video. What failed? A walkway failed. B. (2 points) What caused the failure of the Tacoma narrows bridge as discussed during the engineering disasters video? Unaccounted for aerodynamic effects. Wind blowing past the bridge caused it to oscillate and fail. C. (2 points) Identify the following mark by naming of the organization implied? Underwriters Laboratory mark is placed on all electrical items in US after they have certified items for conformance and safety. See lecture slide L5-15. D. (2 points) Identify the following mark and discussed where it is used/required? CE mark used in Europe, and it is a mandatory mark. See lecture slide L5-18 and L5-19. E. (2 points) What does ® mean when displayed on a trademark? It means that the trademark is registered. F. (2 points) How long is trademark protection granted by the US government once it is issued? 28 years. G. (4 points) Define "experimental uncertainty?" Experimental uncertainty is an estimate of the limits of error in the experiment. See lecture slide L12-11. H. (4 points) What is resolution error and give two examples of when this might occur? Output resolution is limited by either a readout device or by the number of bits used to generate the output value. Examples would be a numerical readout or an A/D converter, but anything reasonable was accepted here.
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ECE 4001 -- Project Engineering and Professional Practice EXAM #1 Solutions October 6, 2008 Page 2 of 6 Problem 1. (Continued) I. (4 points) What are "measurement errors?" Any contributions to experimental uncertainty other than correctable human errors or mistakes. Measurement errors can be either random or systematic. See lecture slides L12-15 and L12-16. J. (4 points) List at least four contributions to your "carbon footprint?" Anything reasonable was accepted. Gas for car, fuel consumed while flying, energy sources used in homes, consumable supplies used, etc. K.
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ECE4001_Exam_1_Fall08_Solutions - ECE 4001 - Project...

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