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HW27soln - 0.350 mm and an interference pattern is observed...

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Physics 21 Fall 2007 Solution to HW-27 35.8 Young's experiment is performed with light from excited helium atoms ( λ =502 nm). Fringes are measured carefully on a screen 1.20 m away from the double slit, and the center of the twentieth fringe (not counting the central bright fringe) is found to be 10.6 mm from the center of the central bright fringe. What is the separation of the two slits? 35.11 Coherent light from a sodium-vapor lamp is passed through a filter that blocks everything except for light of a single wavelength. It then falls on two slits separated by a distance of 0.420 mm. In the resulting interference pattern on a screen which is a distance of 2.30 m away, adjacent bright fringes have a separation of 3.23 mm. What is the wavelength? 35.14 Coherent light that contains two wavelengths, 660 nm and 470 nm, passes through two narrow slits with a separation of
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Unformatted text preview: 0.350 mm and an interference pattern is observed on a screen which is a distance 4.70 m from the slits. What is the distance on the screen between the first-order bright fringe for each wavelength? 35.20 Coherent sources A and B emit electromagnetic waves with wavelength 2.00 cm. Point P is 4.86 m from A and 5.24 m from B . What is the phase difference at P between these two waves? YF 34.99 When an object is placed at the proper distance to the left of a converging lens, the image is focused on a screen which is placed a distance of 30.4 cm to the right of the lens. A diverging lens is now placed a distance of 15.8 cm to the right of the converging lens, and it is found that the screen must be moved a distance of 19.2 cm farther to the right to obtain a sharp image. What is the focal length of the diverging lens?...
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