arh 203 - and breaks through the black boarder All the...

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ARH 203 Field Trip Paper 1/29/08 I chose Skin of Earth from the exhibit “El Anatsui: Gawu”. The work is the length of the entire wall, about eight feet, and is about ten feet across in a rectangular shape. From afar the first thing the viewer notices about the experimental sculpture is the shiny gold parts and also the plain massiveness. The main colors in the artwork are gold, black, and red. It is mostly either a shiny or duller gold color. There is red kind of spotted all over the place. Black serves as the boarder around the rectangle, but breaks off in the lower fight hand corner. The boarder fades into the work itself and is by no means neat or exact. There is red all throughout the piece, but in the upper left corner there is a brighter red patch that has gathered
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Unformatted text preview: and breaks through the black boarder. All the colors overlap one another but have such a strong contrast at the same time. The texture I would describe as looking like fish scales with the way the light hits it. The actual materials used for the sculpture are discarded bottle caps from recycled bottles and copper wire. The artist has literally turned someone’s trash into a work of art. The caps are each about the size of a quarter and are spaced only about a half inch apart. The bottle caps have some writing on them, but the viewer really cannot see that from afar. The caps are all held together by the copper wire, which adds to the metallic features of the artwork. Skin of Earth, 2003, Aluminium bottle tops and copper wire, 487.7 x 457.2 cm...
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arh 203 - and breaks through the black boarder All the...

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