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Reading Critique V - Mohamed Rajani Dr Anita Rapone HON 308...

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Mohamed Rajani Dr. Anita Rapone HON 308 March 16, 2009 Reading Critique V The Palestinian-Zionist war of 1948, which led to the creation of the state of Israel, had other consequences too, most sensitive among them, the Palestinian refugee problem. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians took refuge elsewhere as violence erupted in their villages, mostly areas which were to be assigned to the Zionists as part of the UN partition plan. Historians, however, have contradicted on the source of this refugee problem basing their positions on the information available. The view some historians is that the mass population fled their homes following attacks from the Zionist military while others conclude that the Arab militaries ordered the population to clear land for battle with the Zionist army. “Between Nakbah and Independence: The 1948 War,” the fourth chapter of Ilan Pappe’s A History of Modern Palestine, dissects, to an extent, the Palestinian refugee problem, which according to the author was a direct result of the war. Both sides, Pappe concludes, were to blame for the refugee problem. The Arab leadership was uncoordinated and had a poorly-
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Reading Critique V - Mohamed Rajani Dr Anita Rapone HON 308...

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