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Six Strategies of Retaining High Contributors Retention of high performing employees is vital to the growth and development of the organization. Six different strategies can be adopted to attract and retain these growth- oriented personnel. High performing managers are always a source of inspiration and motivation to employees. Workers tend to look at their managers as role models and thus an A+ Manager will bring out the best in his subordinates. A recent study by McKinsey proved that 85% of the employees who worked for an under-performing manager made them want to leave the company. Therefore, to get and retain talented employees, an organization must face the challenge of obtaining A+ Managers. Another strategy for retaining high contributors is for the company to provide a flexible work schedule for its employees. A recent survey by Career Builder Inc. has shown that over 60% of job seekers have preferred to work with companies which are flexible, which visualize and conceptualize their personal and family needs. Imbalances of work
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