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Chapter 6 Notes - • OB Ambiguous conflicting lack of...

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Chapter 6 JOB CHARACTERISTICS MODEL Core Job Characteristics Critical Psychological States Outcomes Skill Variety Task Identity => Task Significance Meaningfulness => Work motivation Autonomy => Reasonability => Growth Stimulation Feedback from job => Knowledge of results => Work satisfaction Work effectiveness Rational Choice Decision Process 1. Identify the problem or opportunity 2. Chose the best decision process 3. Develop alternative solutions 4. Choose the best alternative 5. Implement the selected alternative 6. Evaluate decision outcomes Making choices: Rational vs. OB Goals Rational: Clear, compatible, agreed upon
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Unformatted text preview: • OB: Ambiguous, conflicting, lack of agreement Processing information • Rational: People can process all info • OB: People process only limited information Evaluating timing • Rational: Choices evaluated simultaneously • OB: Choices evaluated sequentially Info quality • Rational: People rely on factual info • OB: Rely on perceptually distorted info Decision objective • Rational: Maximization- the optimal choice • OB: Satisfying – a “good enough” choice...
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