Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes - *Chapter 5 Notes* Motivation the forces...

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*Chapter 5 Notes* Motivation – the forces within a person that affect his/her direction, intensity, and persistence of voluntary behavior. Needs – deficiencies that energize or trigger behaviors to satisfy those needs. Drives – instructive or innate tendencies to seek certain goals or maintain internal stability Hardwired in the brain Everyone has the same drives Needs are produced by drives 5-Levels 1) Self-Actualization 2) Esteem 3) Social 4) Safety 5) Physiological – most important Goal Setting – The process of motivating employees and clarifying their role perceptions by establishing performance objectives. Feedback – Any information that people receive about the consequences of their behavior. Specific goals – employees must put in an effort into a task Relevant goals – goals must be relevant to the job Challenging goals – this causes people to raise the intensity and persistence of their work Equity Theory – A theory that explains how people develop perceptions of fairness in
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Chapter 5 Notes - *Chapter 5 Notes* Motivation the forces...

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