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Exam3ReviewGuide - Exam 3 Study Guide of Joy Chem XXI Part...

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Exam 3 Study Guide of Joy- Chem XXI Part 1- Structure and Charge Distribution Draw the Lewis structures both 2D and 3D (using wedges and dashed lines) for the following molecules. Determine the molecular geometry for each and if there is more than 1 central atom, determine the geometry around each non-hydrogen atom. Predict if they are polar or non-polar and determine if they can engage in hydrogen bonding. NH 3 CH 3 CH NBr 3 HCN C 3 H 8 CH 2 O C 2 H 2 CH 3 COOH CH 3 NH 2
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2) Consider N 2 O. There are 3 possible resonance structures. Draw all three and predict which you think is the most stable structure. You will have to use your formal charge knowledge from the study assignment to do this problem. 3) Think about the molecule shown. a) Draw the Newman projections that represents the lowest and highest potential energy configurations. Br is larger than a –CH 3 group. b) Does this molecule contain polar bonds? Can it engage in hydrogen bonding?
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