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Exam 3 KEY Part 1- The Moon Europa 1) Analysis of the atmosphere of Europa, one of the main moons from Jupiter, reveals that it is mainly composed of a single element that exists mainly in molecular form (X 2 ) in the lower atmosphere, and in atomic (X) an ionic forms (X + ) in the upper atmosphere. The photoelectron spectrum of the ionic form X + species is shown: a) (5) What element is this? Oxygen b) (5) What is the full electron configuration of the neutral atom X? 1s 2 2s 2 2p 4 c) (10) The molecular form of this compound can react with H 2 in the atmosphere of Europa to form a compound with a formula that has 1:1 ratio of X to H (and contains 2 H’s). Draw the Lewis structure of this compound and determine whether it is polar or non-polar. H 2 O 2 is actually polar but non-polar was accepted because if you think the geometry shown above is the prevalent configuration, you would predict it to be non polar. In actuality, the H’s are not completely opposite in the lowest energy configuration. 2) (5) Carbonyl sulfide (OCS) has been detected in interstellar space and is also a compound emitted from deep sea volcanic vents. It is postulated that this compound could be present in the subterranean ocean of Europa. The compound has 3 possible resonance structures (non of which are equivalent). Draw all three and circle the structure that you think is the most stable. (Hint: think about the common bonding motifs for each element. You can also think about formal charge as discussed in the study assignment)
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Exam_U3m-KEY - Exam 3 KEY Part 1- The Moon Europa 1)...

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