Registering as a new student for Mastering Chemistry

Registering as a - After you have created your login name and password Mastering Chemistry will direct you to log in Go ahead and login Now is when

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This is how you register for Mastering Chemistry. Read through this entire message and make sure you understand it BEFORE you try to register. First, you need a textbook. One option is to get an ebook. You can purchase an ebook at . You will receive an access code with your purchase. Your other option is the conventional hard copy textbook. The hard copy from the bookstore comes with a folder with 'Mastering Chemistry' printed on it. The access code is inside the folder. Now you should have your access code. You MUST have an access code before you can register. Go to and register yourself as a new student. The Mastering Chemistry site will guide you through the process of creating a login name and password. Your login name and password can be whatever you wish. When Mastering Chemistry asks you for your email, enter your University of Arizona email address.
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Unformatted text preview: After you have created your login name and password, Mastering Chemistry will direct you to log in. Go ahead and login. Now is when you need to pay special attention. If you do not understand the following, please let me know. Do NOT try to wing it. The first page you see after you login will have two empty fields; one will be titled 'student ID' and the other will be called 'course ID'. In the box for 'student ID' enter your UANetID, this is the prefix of your email address. For example, let us say that your email was [email protected] You would then enter uachem in the box labeled ‘student ID’. In the box for 'course ID', enter MCHEMPOLLARD0001. When all of this information has been entered, click 'Save'. You should now see the welcome page for the course. Check out the 'Assignment List'. You have homework due. Please let me know if you need any further help. Goyce...
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