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Module 4 Unit 2 Weekly Study Assignment Lasers-KEY Lasers have become important tools in scientific research, medicine and in everyday life applications. Lasers are based on the idea of stimulated emissions of photons from atoms. In class, we have discussed stimulated absorption (when an atom or molecule absorbs a photon) and spontaneous emission (when an electron in an excited state relaxes to a lower energy level resulting in the emission of a photon). In this activity, you will work through the requirements needed to make a laser, explore what stimulated emission is related to a laser, and think about how you can rework a laser design given adverse conditions. You will be working with a lasers simulation to really discover and understand the requirements and operational considerations yourself. To access the simulation, go to the following URL- http://phet.colorado.edu/simulations/sims.php?sim=Lasers Select “Run Now” Part I Open the One Atom Panel in the Laser Simulation and start exploring the two-level atom . All the questions in the next section are considering only the two-level atom (which is a good approximation to the behavior of real atoms when the conditions are such that the atoms are being excited to only one excited energy level). 1) A laser involves the various processes by which light interacts with atoms: absorption, spontaneous emission, and stimulated emission. What is meant by stimulated emission. How is this represented in the simulation?
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U2_M4_HW-KEY - Module 4 Unit 2 Weekly Study Assignment...

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